Monday, February 05, 2007

Virtual travel

How can technology enrich this journey we're all on? I'm pretty new to all this Web 2.0 stuff, so I'm going to experiment:

Step 1: This is a straightforward test to try publishing to my blog by email. (It works! - Ed)

Step 2: Set up Skype (easy!) so I can talk to Stair in Seattle (time zones mean I can talk to you on a Friday after work, just as you're facing yet another day in the office Stair! Heh heh).

Step 3: Add 'Snap' preview functionality to Blog (cool - but what's the benefit? Hmmm, need to think a bit about this).

Step 4: Set up Flickr Pro so I can archive public and private photo albums and share different ones with different sets of people.


Stair said...

Yeah, but as you're struggling to get up for work on a Monday morning, I can still be in the pub on a Sunday night enjoying a mighty fine pint of Moose Drool...

JT said...

Thanks for that thought, Doc. We'll think of you next Monday whilst you're drooling over some moose in the pub... heh heh.

Must admit Sierra Nevada Pale Ale went down a treat when we were on our West Coast road trip. And they sell it in Sainsburies! ;o)

JT said...

Hey Stair

It was great talking to you just now (amazingly clear using Skype) and sharing desktop photos - we'll definitely have to do that again - brilliant bit of technology.

Look forward to seeing you when you're over in Blightly.