Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mad about the Mekong

"A breathtaking account of one of the greatest ever feats of exploration..." - Literary Review

Ever been entranced by the magic and mystery of the Mekong? It's been a month since we returned from our trip to Indochina, yet reading this fascinating book by John Keay has kept that magic alive.

John retraces the nightmare journey of one of the nineteenth century's most ambitious feats of exploration. In 1866, the Mekong Exporation Commission disappeared into the unknown for two years, covering a greater distance than the length of Africa. This book finally tells the incredible story of Garnier et al that should stand proudly alongside the exploits of Livingstone and Stanley.

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Country Specialist, Audley Travel said...

It is always great to read/see feedback of enjoyable trips to Vietnam and Cambodia. The pictures are fantastic as well.

I'll take some time out to read it fully and will try and get hold of the book that you have recommended as we are starting a travel library here and suggestions are a great to compile an informative selection of relevant books per region.'