Monday, February 12, 2007

CO2 - They call if life, what do you call it?

This incredible piece of propaganda featured on the excellent "God is Green" Channel 4 documentary tonight. The look of the presenter when the clip had finished said it all.

The Channel 4 programme itself was insightful, with the presenter interviewing spokespeople for the Roman Catholic Church (no clue about climate change), Evangelicals (looking forward to it because it implies the end of the world and the second coming!), Hinduism (what will be will be, it’s karma) and Islam (the Koran is very green… and so are we, and we’ll blame climate change on the imperialist west).

The presenter did not (or was unable to / or chose not to show) interview a representative for the 376 million buddhists on this planet. This was disappointing, especially when you consider that the Dalai Lama’s Nobel prize in 1989 was, in part, awarded for his declaration that Tibet should be 'transformed into the world's largest natural park or biosphere.'

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