Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sunken forests, floating schools...

A change in pace for our last morning, as we ventured onto Tonle Sap with our superb guide, Ley, of Hanuman Tourism.

Visiting a floating village (comprising floating pig pens, floating hospitals, floating schools attached to floating playgrounds and - an inspired one this - a floating car battery charging station!), we joined in with the local school children at playtime.

Banging drums on an old wheel with the younger kids (too young for school, but seeking mischief nonetheless - just look at my friend in this photo!), this trip left me with the realisation that we can connect in this world without even sharing a single word.

Later, beckoned onto a small wooden raft, we discovered a dreamworld for the princely sum of $3. The simple sound of birdsong echoed off the still water, broken only by the gentle lapping of an oar. Complete tranquility as we weaved past sunken trees in this magnificent place, Thich Nhat Hanh's 'Calm Waters' meditation sprang to mind.

Mrs T captured, in my opinion, the magic and mystery of this stunning location with this shot:

Note: we travelled with Audley Travel to whom we thank for their truly exceptional customer service. Jack, their Indochina specialist, really looked after us, is knowledgeable and most importantly, passionate about the area. Highly recommended.


Guardian Unlimited said...

Thanks very much for sending us this photo - we love it and would love to publish it on Been there!, which would also put you in with a chance of winning our February photo of the month competition.

Been There Team said...

Hi James, thanks very much for the information. I've published your photo in our Siem Reap gallery:

All the very best,
Been there team.