Monday, September 12, 2005

On top of the world

Hey guys. Wow - what a week. Sorry not to catch up with you sooner but we've been a tad busy. Thanks for your emails.

Since our last email we've (I've...) driven 1,128 miles; climbed to 10,000 feet; watch the sun set over the pacific; clung to the edge of the world in our yurt, listening to the midnight barking of seals on the beach below; been out to alcatraz at night time; walked across the golden gate bridge; driven thru the wild west to yosemite and seen the most incredible place - yosemite valley with bridalveil waterfalls, monolithic rocks 10,000 ft high, birds of prey soaring above; got drunk in North Beach, Frisco, in the "beat" heartland, entertained by the drunks and all sorts... gottta go

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