Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Last night we watched the sun set and the moon rise from on top of "glacier point" in Yosemite, at 8,000 feet looking down on to a valley 4,000 feet below - a straight drop - a mile down.

We could see 10,00 foot peaks in a view stretching from the setting sun in the west to the Tioga Pass some 50 miles away in the east. We ended up sitting their with a few other lucky souls just watching the sun paint kaleidoscopic colours on the peaks in Yosemite - as if the tips of mountains were dipped in red, orange, purple... and then the famous "alpenglow" as the sun had set and the photographers wrestled for the best view (not too strenously - we were on the edge of the mile drop) - the peaks, in particular half dome, were lit silver but the rising moon. I could go on and on. But it's 7:30 am and we've gotta drive through Yosemite, then Death Valley and on to Vegas. 500 miles and a 9 our trip. Better go! Each journey just gets more incredible.

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