Friday, September 16, 2005

From the Valley of Death to the City of Sin

Tues am: From a Yosemite dawn with the scent of cedar trees heavy in the air, through a burning haze in Death Valley, to that great mirage in the nevada desert, Vegas. A 10 hour drive and 1,500 miles on the clock. Stopping off at "Manzanar" where 10,000 japanese americans were pretty much imprisoned during the 2nd world war by the US Government because of "national security". Incredible!

Weds 7am: Helicopter trip to our champagne breakfast after landing next to the Colorado in the pre-dawn light of the Grand Canyon. Cool.

Weds 9 pm: Up in the air again - this time on the world's highest rollercoaster - 1,000 feet up on top of the Stratosphere, screaming out into the Vegas night, the Strip a haze of neon down way below. Crazy crazy - the other rides were even more insane.

Thurs 4 pm: After shorter drive (just 4 hrs 30 today) we collect our thoughts on Santa Monica beach waves thundering in off the pacific tide.

As we return to Santa Monica, where we started 2 wks ago; Over blue haze horizon the sun sets on our road trip way out west. 2,000 mile round trip crazy unforgettable rollercoaster ride

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