Sunday, August 26, 2007

In Sheets of Rain and Mist

We took the easy option and photographed the "Garden of Eden" from inside Deer Cave, otherwise we'd have to take another 2 hour trek through cockroach-infested guano to get to paradise... From where we stood, a hanging waterfall of cool water drenched the lush green tropical life in this magical place. Sunlight refracted through droplets of mineral rich water.

Illuminated webs weaved by giant spiders scatter ever rock face. Streams of water 300 feet high hang from the rocks ahead. The echo of cool, clear refreshing water filling pools at the base of the cave, rivers formed, salt water rich in guano that attracted the deer in prehistoric times. In sheets of rain and mist, limestone mountains rear up outside, framed by forest at the entrance to this spectacular cave.

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